Our custom trip planner service takes away all the hassle and stress of researching and booking your dream holiday. A personalised travel planner like ourselves, provides you with a hassle free, custom made, day by day itinerary prepared according to your interests and budget. Simply share your preferences, receive a draft itinerary and watch your custom itinerary come to life!


Receive a ready-made itinerary carefully designed for previous clients


Tweak a ready-made itinerary according to your interests and budget


Create a custom itinerary plan designed specifically for you


Some for us and some for others, below are just some of the trips and itineraries we have planned along the years. 

Switzerland Trip Planner
Mauritius Trip Planner
Bali Trip Planner
Peru Trip Planner
Sri Lanka Trip Planner
Italy Trip Planner
Slovenia Trip Planner
Ireland Trip Planner
Switzerland Trip Planner
Mauritius Trip Planner
Bali Trip Planner
Peru Trip Planner
Sri Lanka Trip Planner
Italy Trip Planner
Slovenia Trip Planner
Ireland Trip Planner
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  • Day by day itinerary with suggested day tours and activities
  • Recommendations on domestic and international flights when required with links to book such flights
  • Accommodation options with links to book accommodation
  • Help with car hire or other means of transportation including public transport
  • Directions from the airport to your accommodation and other points of interest
  • Connecting you with an approved local tour operator should it be required for your trip
  • A brief introduction about the attractions you will be visiting
  • Tips and other useful information such as weather, currency, recommended restaurants, packing list, vaccines etc.
  • Total cost, as well as a cost breakdown for each flight, accommodation, transportation, attractions etc.

Whether you are a couple planning a honeymoon, families planning a family trip or an individual planning your solo adventure, here is why you should let us be your custom trip planner


All prices displayed are of the same value as offered by our partners. Furthermore, booking through our links adds no additional cost to you. You only pay for our custom trip planner service


Planning a trip can be time consuming. Let us do the extensive research for you and we will provide you with a day by day plan according to your interests and budget in a matter of 15 days


No need to worry about anything related to your trip. We will provide you with all booking links, help with transportation, connect you with a local travel agent if required and break down your total costs


Whether you're into nature, art or looking for adrenaline rush, your itinerary will be planned exclusively for you. Your itinerary may be unlimitedly changed until you are completely satisfied with it


1. Fill out our Trip Planner Form where we collect information about your trip, interests and budget

2. A draft itinerary together with our invoice will be provided

3. Pay for your custom trip planner service to any of the payment details provided in our invoice

4. Upon receipt of payment work on your itinerary will be started

5. Your itinerary will be ready in one to two weeks depending on the length of your trip

6. All booking links, recommendations, cost of trip etc. will be provided as part of your itinerary


We have three different prices:

  1. Ready-made itineraries
  2. Personalised itineraries
  3. Customised from scratch

Prices for ready-made itineraries start from €15 for itineraries ranging between 1 to 15 days. Ready-made itineraries longer than 15 days cost €25. Our ready-made itineraries may also be personalised for an additional €5 per day on top of the mentioned prices.

Should you wish to receive an itinerary totally personalised for you and customised from scratch, we charge €5 per day planned. Fees for flight combination search, accommodation options, as well as car hire options are waived when you book our custom trip planner service.

Research and work on building the perfect itinerary for different individuals takes time. We allow an unlimited number of changes until you are completely satisfied with your itinerary.

Your custom itinerary will be ready within 7  to 15 days depending on the length of your trip. Ready-made itineraries will be provided up to one day following receipt of payment.

All our itineraries include:

  • A choice of up to 3 accommodation options if required
  • A suggestion of the best flight options if required
  • A choice of activities to choose from which will be included into your itinerary according to your preference (excluding ready-made itineraries)
  • Tips and other useful information about your destination
  • A recommended local tour operator if and when required
  • A cost breakdown of your itinerary

Yes, until you receive your final copy. No changes are allowed thereafter.

We are travel affiliates and most of our travel partners, such as accommodation or flight aggregators do pay us commission when you book through our links. That said, all our suggestions are based on previous travellers’ reviews. 

Other providers, such as local tour operators, do not always pay us commission for recommending them for your trip. The choice of providers is also based on other travellers’ reviews. We will never recommend any providers, accommodation or anything else listed in your itinerary if we have read negative reviews from other sources.

All bookings related to your itinerary, whether flights, accommodation, activities and such, must be booked by yourself through the links we provide in your itinerary. We do not book on your behalf, nor do we accept payments against any of these services other than the custom trip planner service fee.

You can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Revolut. Payment details will be made available on our invoice. Should none of these methods work, we can discuss different payment options.

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