The Tallinn Christmas Markets have been voted as the Best European Christmas Markets in 2019 for a reason. The Town Hall Square turns into a magical fairy tale – local merchants offer Estonian Christmas cuisine, from black pudding and sour cabbage to gingerbread and hot Christmas drinks, as well as various handcrafts. 

And did you know that the Christmas tree set up in te middle of Town Hall Square has been there since 1441, making it the first Christmas tree ever to be put on display in Europe? 


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Tallinn Christmas Markets


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Our suggested accommodation is Hotel L’Ermitage, set within the city centre of Tallinn. The price is based on a twin room sharing and includes buffet breakfast. Should a double room be a must, we suggest Merchants House Hotel, also offering buffet breakfast but at a slightly higher price. Alternatively, you are free to choose any other accommodation here.


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