We have compiled a list of FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions, which should hopefully answer any questions or concerns you might have about our website and how it all works. If none of the below answer your question(s), please contact us here.

How it works?

Our website shows banners and links to other reputable websites who we have partnered with in order to provide you with flight deals, affordable accommodation, car hire, travel insurance etc. These links, also know as “affiliate links” earn us a commission if you make a purchase through the said link or banner, at no additional cost to you. You may find a list of our partners here

How do I book?

To book you must follow the link we provide or the banner we show on our website and after you make your selection (for example choose the desired hotel and dates) you continue with your reservation just as you would normally do on that website.

Can I book or purchase directly with you?

Unfortunately not. We are not a travel agency and as such cannot act like one. Nor can we buy items on your behalf. All reservations and other purchases must be made with our partners by the customers themselves.

Who takes my payment?

We will never ask you for your payment details and will not take a payment from you at any point. We simply direct you to our partners’ website at no cost to you. Your payment will be affected by our partners if and when a purchase is made depending on their payment terms. 

Can I pay you directly?

The answer is also no. Since you do not book directly with us, we cannot and will not take any payments from you or on your behalf. Nor do we take your payment details.

What if I have a question while I'm abroad?

We will do our utmost to help answer your questions, however in most cases you must contact your service provider directly (for example your airline, hotel or car hire company) for better assistance and a quicker resolution. We are not and will not be held responsible for mishaps happening during your holiday. 

What if I have a complaint?

Should you have any complaints these must be directed to your service provider directly. We cannot and will not act as intermediaries between you and the service provider. As such complaints cannot be lodged with us and we cannot pass your complaint to your service provider.

What about product return and guarantee?

If you must return a product and/or would like to check about its guarantee, you must contact the service provider directly in order to assist you further.

What if I need to cancel my holiday?

In the event where you must cancel your holiday, all related cancellations must be made with the service provider. A refund will be issued by the service provider if this is applicable to you.

Do you provide custom-made itineraries?

We cover our very own itineraries in our Destinations page or blog. Our website is not aimed to provide custom-made itineraries at the moment, however we do take this on a case by case basis and is at the website’s discretion. If you wish to have a custom-made itinerary done, please get in touch.