We are travel affiliates based in sunny Malta, a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean. Travel has always been our passion and at every chance we get to travel, we make it a point to discover a new place, experience a new culture or try local delicacies. 

We are not the type of travellers who know how to sit back and relax while on holiday. Ticking off a whole region or country the first time round gives us the chance to visit new places during subsequent travels. And with a new family member in the picture this hasn’t changed, because as the saying goes, travel is the only thing in life that makes you richer. Travel always has an impact on us one way or another; whether it has made you more knowledgeable, given you more stories to share or increased your circle of long-distance friends.

Like many of you, our bucket list is never ending. We tick one item off the list, and add another two (or more) later making our list bigger than ever. For us, it doesn’t matter where we travel to because every place is a new experience. I must admit though, we do aim to visit at least one bucket list item every year. For the other times where we travel because we feel the need to switch off from our daily routine, our trick is to look for last minute flight deals. The cheapest we have ever found was to Barcelona at just €8 including return flight!

This is in fact one of the primary reasons that has led us to give birth to our website. We felt the need to start sharing such travel deals, with the thought of helping others save money on travelling, ultimately allowing them to travel more frequently and see more of our beautiful world. Another reason is the prices charged by local travel agencies, especially for long haul travel. Don’t get us wrong, we do support the choice of local business mentality, but the price you pay plays a very important role in this scenario.

We started off by joining flight partners and continued by joining other travel partners many of whom we have used and continue to use every time we travel. The best thing about all of our travel deals is that booking through our travel partners is completely free! Our prices are not inflated in order to make a profit. We simply earn a small commission from our travel partners when a booking is made through our links. With that being said, it is important to understand that we do not sell any of the advertised products or services. All bookings or purchases must be made online through the links we provide.

Should you need help with finding low fare flights, accommodation, car hire or even help with planning out you holiday itinerary, please feel free to get in touch. We can help you out, whether you are looking to travel within Europe or beyond.